“You’ve been preaching for us to do all sorts of nasty to our computers, like telling us to disable the Automatic Updates service for our machine to run faster with your “tweaking post” and then write us about using Firefox that doesn’t even work well with the Windows Update site. See? we have to use Explorer, we have to run that Automatic Updates service! you lose!”

Hold on, wait a sec, not so fast…

First of all, you should only disable Automatic Updates if -you- want to disable Automatic Updates. It’s a question of personal choice, but I don’t really like the thing, although the security implications are important.
Second of all, I’m not saying you should never in your life use Internet Explorer. I’m saying you should find out if that’s what right for you, and I’m sure that in some cases you’ll find using Internet Explorer a lot easier and at times the only suitable choice for specific websites.

BUT, you should be aware that in most cases there are alternatives that will enable you to do exactly what you did with Explorer on Firefox. Yep, even the awful Windows Update site. Lately, Microsoft have outdid themselves with the introduction of the Genuine Windows program, which does a check on your system to see whether your Windows is genuine, which is even more pathetic than the Activation awful procedure that they came up with not too long ago. I’m not trying to encourage piracy, no way, but Microsoft themselves know that there are alot of problems with that kind of check, which sometimes leave honest users with no updates or makes hardworking folks go through an idiotic time-consuming activation procedure.

To solve the claim made about using Firefox to do Windows updates, it is, indeed, possible. It will also enable you to update your system if your systems fails the Microsoft online authenticity test, for some strange reason.
Check out WinDizUpdate at – http://windizupdate.com/

Now, a site this small doesn’t need such a big introduction and the only reason I wrote the whole thing is because I was trying to make a point, which goes something like this – in today’s tech-world it’s easier to find a solution for something than it is to complain about it. I know most users don’t understand the first thing about technology and don’t want to know, and that’s completely okay. But, the same users make a habit of spending alot of time complaining about their bad experiences and fighting the obvious when they can find the solution for their trouble easily.
Take this Windows Update with Firefox issue as an example. Writing “Windows Update firefox” on any search engine will get you to several good solutions, some of which are official plugin solutions from Microsoft. WinDizUpdate is just one neat solution that -I- use but you’ve got so much information a few clicks away. I keep telling my friends that if my little sister is able to find solutions like that, then I honestly believe anybody can. You can see other people’s opinions, other people’s experiences, you can compare, you can share. The question shouldn’t be whether there is a solution for your problem, but rather – what solution you should choose and what piece of information on your search results is the right one for you.

Today’s social knowledge Internet makes everybody a potential techie in minutes. Those who aren’t techies choose not to be, which leaves plenty of potential gain for those claiming to be experts. The whole meaning of what an expert is varies and changes as an expert isn’t someone who has access to information that you don’t have, but rather someone who knows how to manage the information and how to process it in a unique way. It’s not about the way information is obtained, but rather about the way information is interpreted and used.


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