Search engines care about dead pages in your site that were not found,  so that those can be differentiated from the rest of the site. Search engines expect a “404 not found” message, and you probably rely on  Drupal to support that. Are you really sure that your “404 – page not found” page really returns the “404 not found” header and not “200 OK” or “404 – OK”? If you’re running Drupal – I suggest you double check.

Some of those who submitted their sitemap to Google’s Webmaster Tools might have came across a message saying that the sitemap can not be verified since all pages return “OK” success instead of “404 not found” headers – which is another example of how Google requires a proper 404 page. To check how your site is responding you can try one of the following ways :

  1. Use an online tool, like – HTTP Header Viewer or HTTP Status Codes Checker.
  2. Use the Live HTTP headers Firefox plugin.

Track a URL on your site that is suppose to return a “404 not found” message, and check the header. In some cases, like when running PHP CGI server, a wrong header will be returned, like “404 OK”. This might happen since Drupal doesn’t cover all possible configurations and follow up on PHP bugs.


Drupal’s “404 OK” possible problem

Webmaster Tips was the first one I noticed to raise the “404 OK” issue for Drupal on the site. Guitarmiami wrote :

When running Drupal on a server with PHP as CGI you have to change line 288(?) in /includes/ from

drupal_set_header('HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found');


drupal_set_header('Status: 404 Not Found');

Otherwise it will not send the correct 404 Not Found headers. That includes popular hosts like Site5, Bluehost, etc. More information can be found here:

This was true for my Drupal sites running on a specific host (Siteground), which were returning “404 OK” instead of “404 not found”, due to a PHP CGI bug that requires a different command. To fix it, you need to change the file as suggested and the problem will be sorted.


Drupal’s “403 Forbidden” possible problem

              It’s interesting to read that one of the commenters has suggested another issue with the way 403 Forbidden is returned. Although he didn’t manage to get this sorted, I found that changing the drupal_access_denied in in quite the same way works okay. So change :

              drupal_set_header('HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden');


              drupal_set_header('Status: 403 Forbidden');


              Drupal Custom 404 pages

              There are a couple of modules that can enhance Drupal’s “404 not found” behavior. Consider using the following modules :


              This module allows the site admin to create custom error pages for 404 (not found), and 403 (access denied), without the need to create nodes for each of them.

              Since the error pages are not real nodes, they do not belong a category term, they do not show in the search, and will not show up in node listings, or in Popular Content block.

              Search 404

              Instead of showing a standard “404 Page not found”, this module performs a search on the keywords in the URL, e.g. if a user goes to, this module will do a search for “does not exist”.

              It includes beta stage search engine keywords detections.

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              4 Responses to Drupal SEO : Verifying 404 Not-Found/Forbidden headers are not OK and custom 404 pages

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              2. Subd says:

                A problem with the customerror module is that is sends response code 200 instead of the original 403 or 404 error codes. So it’s nice that you can customise the error page, but it’s sending the search engines the wrong code 🙁

              3. Safershops says:

                Hey, where can I get a “standart” 404 Page from?

              4. Anonymous says:

                i have this error but install module search 404 but some key no found on my drupal web so I do about it on webmaster tool google shows me this error 404

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