Meta-tags aren’t as important as they use to be, but they’re still an SEO factor that might help boost things up a bit. Some smaller search-engines rely on meta-tags and some of the big search-engines still use the description meta-tag in SERP when displaying your site’s description. Meta-tags are quite easy to optimize by quickly applying a WordPress plugin.

To make your site site more meta-tags SE friendly :

  • Do create meta-tags, even if they’re only automatic.
  • Keywords meta-tag should include keywords that you’re targeting for your current post and should be at least slightly different from one post to another. Keywords should not repeat.
  • Description meta-tag should have an inviting summary of your current post, or at least relevant to the post content. Do not repeat the same description for all your pages.


To automatically add meta-tags there are a few plugins you should consider :


Automatic META description

I use Head META Description to take care of the description and keywords meta tags. It will automatically take the beginning of your post and use it as the Description meta-tag and use your categories as keywords. My suggested settings – 

$default_blog_desc = ”;
$post_desc_length = 200;

Other good plugin options include : Tags in the Head, Another WordPress Meta


Automatic META keywords

Ultimate Tag Warrior is a very powerful plugin that can do alot of neat stuff with tags. It also allows setting keywords for the post, either manually or using Yahoo keyword suggestion.

Other good plugin options include : Jerome’s Keywords Plugin, HeadSpace 2, IMM-Keyword WordPress Plugin, Add-Meta-Tags WordPress Plugin


Automatic META Relationship Links

Also, it won’t help SEO too much, but you might want to checkout the META Relationship Links plugin, which will add START, FIRST, LAST, PREV and NEXT link meta-tags which are good for the blog accessibility and crawlability.

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