Considering to move from Blogger/Blogspot to WordPress? good. From an SEO perspective I can’t stress enough how important it is to have your own domain and platform that you can implement your own way. Helping two of my friends do this transition recently, it is extremely important that you do it the right way so that the Blogger reader-base, SEO authority and SERP rankings will be preserved. The right way being – 301 redirecting from your old Blogger blog to your new WordPress one.

There are a few essential reads on how to implement this (quoting the most important section for SEO) :

 “301 Permanent Redirect from Blogger Beta to WordPress” by Techcounter.

What this code is doing is taking the URL from Step # 2 and redirect the user to the corresponding entry in your wordpress blog. In case it does not find the corresponding entry, it redirects to the homepage of your blog.

If you insist on using a WordPress hosting service like, then you can check “how to redirect Blogger Beta to” by

The tricky part comes now. We want to redirect users from individual post pages to the corresponding post pages on the new blog. For that, we need a piece of JavaScript spiced with Blogger proprietary tags.

Although it took some playing around with, it works. Pagerank and SERP authority were preserved and together with the rest of the WordPress SEO tweaks, your WordPress based blog will improve significantly.

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15 Responses to Moving from Blogger-Blogspot to WordPress the right way : 301 redirect

  1. Alex says:

    Good post. There really is no excuse to be so dependent on 3rd party solutions (particularly when they’re so much more likely to get blocked), a little technical know-how can go a long way.

  2. Brandon says:

    I still don’t see why ppl use blogger or blogspot 🙁

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  4. I also wrote a nice guide on how to moved from the Blogger platform to WordPress, including how to avoid duplicate content on both sites, etc.

    Check it out before you make the switch!

  5. Liberty says:

    301 Redirects don’t really work with blogger because of their redirect page (as in, you didn’t have a custom domain). If you want to keep your blogger blog as a tool to forward to your new self-hosted wordpress, I’ve written up a fairly quality guide that goes over pretty much everything you’ll need. It’s also up to date, and it works with some SEO best practices in mind.

    Check it out:
    Successfully Forwarding or Redirecting Blogger to WordPress

  6. Jam says:

    Thanks for this post.
    I have been thinking about chaging from Blogspot to WordPress.

  7. imawraj says:

    but we cant have google adsense ads on wordpress…. right ???

    kindly guide me because I am going to buy my own domain within next 48 hours and am going to use as a blog

  8. Rona says:

    (Please note that although the link above goes directly to the code post, the rest of my blog is NOT suitable for minors or anyone potentially offended by sexual material)

    I couldn’t get any of the methods I found on the web for redirecting to work, so I wrote a little widget that works if your self-hosted permalink structure is the same as your blogger structure. It requires a little personalization tweak because if you don’t tweak it the homepage redirects to the the top post on your old blogger page. Place this code after your <Blogger> tag and switch the appropriate identification.
    <b:widget id=’Redirector’ locked=’true’ title=’Blog Posts’ type=’Blog’>
    <b:includable id=’main’>
    <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “item”‘>
    <b:loop values=’data:posts’ var=’post’>
    <div id=’redirectorTitle’ style=’visibility:hidden’><data:post.title/>
    <script type=’text/javascript’>

    var url= ‘<$BlogItemPermalinkUrl$>’;;
    var myNewurl = url.replace(“myblog.blogspot”, “www.myblog”);
    var testurl =’’;

    if (myNewurl == testurl)
    {document.location.href = “”;}
    document.location.href = myNewurl;}

    Notes:This assumes you are moving from to
    You must have structured your wordpress permalinks to match your blogger permalinks for this to work, which is easy enough to do in your wordpress dashboard.
    The testurl variable will vary for you. The problem comes about because on your homepage the $BlogItemPermalinkUrl$ pulls the top post from the page rather than thinking you want the main page. Therefore, determine what the new version of that url will be and put it in here for your homepage to correctly route.

  9. Very helpful. There’s an alternative to redirecting: Why not just get the same URLs on your WP blog? I wrote this post about moving from Blogger to WordPress 2.7 using Godaddy Economy Hosting: . I managed to keep URLs intact without redirecting or doing any manual labor. Hope it’s useful to someone.

    Thanks for a great blog, subscribing to it as we speak (you just can’t learn enough about SEO).

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  11. Enzo says:

    I have a custom domain and I’m at PR2 would importing and switching to a wordpress blog with the same URL hurt my page rank

  12. alfon says:

    can this method increase my blog pagerank?

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  14. Great Article! Thanks for the info. It worked perfectly and I was able to redirect my blogger blog to my new wordpress custom hosted blog. Thanks a lot!

  15. Jai says:

    Great Post!
    To redirect from specific blogger posts(Not all) to wordpress, 301 redirect is not possible, we need to use javascript redirect. See

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