As Wordcamp Israel 2007 approaches, a few international problogger have written some reviews of the Israeli blogosphere. The nicest one I've read so far is by BlogHerald with a comprehensive overview with some of the best Israeli blogs in both Hebrew and English:

Thus it was that I asked two new Israeli friends of mine to help share with you some our favorite Israeli bloggers in honor of WordCamp Israel, October 25, 2007, in Tel Aviv. be I will attending and meeting many bloggers from around the county, and I wanted to share with you some of those who may be attending the conference.

My two cohorts on this project are Miriam Schwab, the blogger behind Illuminea, WordPress Garage, and Israel Plug, the latter being a “good news” blog about Israel, and Tal Galili of Tal Galili and Bio Statistics.

Because Israel attracts so much controversy, there are a lot of bloggers who thrive on controversy, but we wanted to focus on blogs that deal with the day to day life of Israelis, their fears, tears, hopes, dreams, and life in Israel. Between the three of us, we dug up business bloggers, family bloggers, work-at-home bloggers, cultural perspective bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, personal bloggers, and a ton of different types of blogs all written by Israelis or foreigners living and working in Israel. We wanted to introduce you to the real people, the ones who get up in the morning, go to work, raise their families, and want what we all want in the world - to get along and through.

With an important mention :P :

Other Sources for Israeli Bloggers

English-writing Israeli-bloggers is a feed aggregator of Israeli bloggers writing in English, as is Israel Related.

Another very intriguing introduction is by the grand-master Lorelle:

What is most exciting to me about being a part of the first WordPress and blogging conference in Israel is the fact that Israelis are some of the most opinionated folks I’ve ever met in my travels. They love debate. They love arguing a point just for the sake of beating the point from every perspective.

In many respects, Israel represents more of the world than the world represents itself, as the tiny country hosts nationalities from almost every country and region in the world, all brought together under one flag that allows them to live in peace with their next door neighbors, though not always their neighboring countries. With this unique melting post of internationalism, they are very opinionated about politics in their own tiny corner of the world and around the globe as they understand better than most that the world is watching them, and how Israel plays an important role on the global stage.

If you're in Israel, this is probably one event you don't want to miss.

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  • Lorelle

    If you are in Israel, unfortunately, you are out of luck. I just heard that it's sold out.

    There is a huge waiting list, so maybe they may change venues or have a part two? Who knows!

    Thanks for the kind words and for spreading the news. It's really exciting.

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