Tired of Feedburner? Try some RSS feeds manager alternatives Seems like people are tired of Google Feedburner glitches. Not a week goes by without a post showing up on my RSS reader that has something to do with poor performance and bad stats by Feedburner. Many of those posts end up with a cry – are there any decent Feedburner alternatives?

Till about a month ago, there was one RSS feeds manager I knew and used that wasn’t Google Feedburner but was because of a political problem. China, with their Great Firewall, loves to play around with the Chinese netizens by blocking certain sites when those misbehave by posting sensitive information. Naturally, Feedburner as an RSS service carries all sorts of such information and so Feedburner occasionally got blocked. The solution? Feedsky, the Chinese government approved alternative. If you have Chinese audiences, as some of my own sites and some of my clients’ sites are, then this is a good alternative. But naturally, offering those not fluent in Chinese to burn feeds with Feedsky is taking it too far.

One of my online colleagues recently mentioned a few other English based alternatives he’s been experimenting with for some of his clients who’ve had enough of Feedburner. I have no personal experience with those, but I was assured that they work as well and offer many of the features people have come to love in Feedburner with out some of the stat frustrations. So, give these a try :

Some of the endless readings on the issue :

Let me know how that worked out for you.

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