Troubleshoot Server Load and Optimize Server Speed in Drupal-Wordpress VPS-DS

Following a query from a colleague, a few quick tips on troubleshooting and optimizing a slow overloaded VPS/DS hosting a Drupal site based on some of my experiences.



Note – I run my VPSs-DSs with Hostforweb and VPS.NET (aff). Both should be able to do most of the following server tweaks for you as part of your managed server services.

Install PHP accelerators

Upgrade your Apache server to the latest version.

Install FW & anti spam-bot Apache modules (ModSecurity and the likes).



Still paying the same money for the same old machine for over a year or two? Why should you keep paying the same price for the same old machine when you can be running on a much better one? Bargain with your hosting service to move your account to one of their newer faster VPSs. That could make a world of difference.



See what’s loading up your Drupal site using the DEVEL module.

If you mostly have anonymous users, consider using file-caching with Boost.

Sometimes caching increases speed, but sometime it unnecessarily loads the machine. Modules/features like block-cache should be used with care. Play around with both caching turned off and on to see which one works best for your site.



Disable all plugins and re-add them one by one to see load impact.

Install WP Super Cache.


Hope that helps somewhat. If you have any other quick tips, I’m interested.

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  1. ZxVPS says:

    This is an interesting article, thanks for taking the time to write it, I run a VPS company and am always looking for ways to optimize the VPS’s we are running.

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