Faster Firefox : Controlling Memory & Leakage I use Firefox, most of those I know use Firefox, but the problem with Firefox speed and memory consumption is well documented and debated. It’s very frustrating how heavy and slow Firefox gets with a few small plugins and a couple of tabs and windows opened.

Still, if you’re a heavy Firefox user, there’s lots you can do to make your Firefox much faster. A few plugins emerged that help control the catastrophe and make sure Firefox memory leakage is reduced to a minimum, allowing Firefox to maintain a reasonable speed.

Personally, I use the following :

AFOM Firefox Addon

AFOM recovers Memory Leakage within a running instance of the Firefox browser application.

AFOM, focuses on two ( 2 ) types of memory usage and with flushing for memory recovery.

When resource requirements ( Stack and Heap ) have been reached, approximately twenty-seven ( 27 ) seconds afterward, the memory will be flushed and recovered from Fragmented Orphaned Ram memories.

Below are the two types supported for recovery.

1. Working Set: The set of memory pages currently visible to the process and is [ Shareable ] between other processes.

2. Private Working Set: The set of memory pages currently visible to the process and is [ Non Sharable ] between other processes

Note : AFOM has recently being converted into Memory Fox.

To see how much resources Firefox takes –inside- Firefox :

StatusBarEx Firefox Addon

Show some useful information on statusbar of firefox, such as the memory usage of system & firefox itself, network speed, system power status, etc


Other memory Firefox tricks

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2 Responses to Faster Firefox : Controlling Memory & Leakage

  1. ThomasAlan says:

    i switched to chrome, it just seems firefox is too big and slow now. It used to be the best around version 2 but now i don’t know anymore.

    • Fili says:

      Thomas Alan – I agree. The speed differences are important. I still use Firefox because of some plugins I’m used to (like Roboform), but alternatives already exist.

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