Missed Schedule & Failed Cron - Bugs  in WordPress

WordPress sometimes has the most annoying little bugs. Ones that don’t get fixed in minor version updates, ones that developers don’t seem to care about much but they could drive you crazy.

WordPress 2.9 failed cron jobs and missed schedules are one such bug. This hasn’t started in WordPress 2.9. Searching for “missed schedule” with “Wordpress” keywords, you’re bound to find endless forum threads about that.

WordPress 2.9’s minor updates (upto WordPress WPMU didn’t seem to take care of that.

And the fix is so simple – it consists of modifying the timeout in wp-includes/cron.php.

Approximately around the line number 205 change :

To 20 seconds:


The simplest solution, assuming you don’t want to tweak this by hand or worry about future bugs overriding your changes is use one of the useful plugins that would check for missed scheduled posts like “Missed Schedule”.


This has been reported … again and again… take a look at the WordPress bug tracker :

cron stopped working with standard configuration

Hi Guys,

After the update to wp 2.9 (from 2.8.6 where everything worked just fine) my cron-jobs stopped working. Looking inside the cron-array with crontrol http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-crontrol/ it looks like they are not executed at all. So I end up with all cron jobs waiting for execution (which seems to consume quite a bit of time on every page call). In crontrol this behavior is shown as all cron jobs have the execution status now.

I found the work-around in Otto’s reply in this post http://wordpress.org/support/topic/296236which seems to work but produces dirty rewrites in the browser’s address bar…

As my server configuration didn’t change at all I assume that something else changed (e.g. could the statement Increase timeout on cron-based requests when checking for upgrades mentioned in http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_2.9 be the reason?)

greetz, berny


More? here…


Hope that helps.

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  1. WordPress has overcome all the problems in recent times and now it’s rocking

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