Fixing Shockwave/Flash crashes on Google ChromeThis is annoying. On some of the latest Google Chrome versions, Shock wave and flash applications tend to crash the browser or result in “unresponsive script” errors. This is especially for the versions of Google Chrome that already come with the Flash and Shockwave bundled inside.


How to fix? “How to fix: Shock wave crashes on Facebook using Google Chrome” has a solution that works:

Follow steps in this order:

Update Google Chrome.
Make sure you’re using the latest version of the browser by clicking the Tools menu  and selecting About Google Chrome. Learn more about updating Google Chrome
Uninstall and reinstall Adobe Flash Player.

Follow these instructions at the Adobe support site to download the uninstaller. Be sure to close all your open applications and programs before running the uninstaller.

The uninstaller removes Adobe Flash Player for all browsers on your computer.
Restart your computer.

Download Adobe Flash Player at Make sure you download the version called "Flash Player X for Windows – Other Browsers." If you use Internet Explorer as well, you may also want to download the version called "Flash Player 10 for Windows Internet Explorer."

Test whether the plug-in downloaded successfully by visiting in Google Chrome. Look for the message "Adobe Flash Player successfully installed."

Uninstall and reinstall Shockwave Player.

Shockwave Player is also another common Flash media player. Sometimes Flash issues are due to Shockwave Player, rather than Adobe Flash Player, so we suggest uninstalling and reinstalling your Shockwave Player.

Use the Add/Remove programs function in Window XP’s Control Panel or Programs and Features in Windows Vista to remove Shockwave Player.

Visit in Google Chrome.
Click Agree and install now to start the download.
Test whether the plug-in downloaded successfully by visiting

[If you have a Sony hardware device]

Update a Sony driver.
In some cases, an outdated Sony driver has caused issues with Flash. Click the following link to install a Sony driver update:…0000166578.exe
Turn off hardware acceleration of Adobe Flash.
Hardware acceleration is used to speed up performance of your graphics hardware. If your video drivers are outdated, hardware acceleration can cause issues with Flash. Try turning off hardware acceleration:
Right-click the video.
Select Settings.
Deselect the "hardware acceleration" checkbox.

If this doesn’t help, try disabling some of your Google Chrome extensions. It could be that one of those has a conflict with the Shockwave/Flash extension.

Hope that helps.

17 Responses to Fixing Shockwave/Flash crashes on Google Chrome

  1. Daniela0105 says:

    Thanks so much!!!! My issues with google chrome were driving me crazy. Was able to solve them, thanks to this post. I am not the best with computers either… so happy right now

  2. Jalal ibn Saeed says:

    Followed instructions and it worked. Thanks a bunch. Jalal

  3. Thomas Field says:

    * Run Reginout scan for active-x, file associations and other registry errors largely behind such crashes.

    * Try to uninstall the current flash player version. (Read this official guide to uninstall flash plugin:

    * Use official uninstaller tool to remove all flash elements from your computer.

    * After completing the above task download flash player 9 instead of the latest version. However, latest version is preferred. for latest version visit this link:
    Sometimes there are intricate browser flash conflicts and changing the versions is often helpful.

    * if you are having problems while installing flash then read this stuff:

    * Update your sound drivers if possible since the videos may simply crash or freeze because of the corrupted or missing drivers.

    1) Open Device Manager

    2) Find the sound-card device

    3) Remember the name of the device

    4) Uninstall it.

    5) After doing this restart your system and update the drivers if they are not automatically updated.

  4. Norman says:

    worked perfect, thank you


  5. SwissDisk says:

    ALT FIX: THIS WORKED FOR ME, but no guarantees

    First I went to Adobe and downloaded the most current version of the Chrome plugin
    With any Chrome browser page open:
    click spanner, or wrench icon if in USA, (top right corner)
    click – options
    click- under the hood (bonnet)
    choose- privacy-contents settings
    choose – plug ins – disable individual settings

    You will probably see 2 shockwave plug ins installed.
    One that you originally had,and one that came with chrome.(probably)
    You need to disable one of them, probably the oldest version and try Chrome again.

    If it doesn’t work, try to disable the other version, but you need to disable one of them.

    Now it seems to work fine, for me.
    Note, I am runnning XP, on a old desktop.
    Hope this works for you.

  6. Jdbasse says:

    This doesn’t work. when I try to reinstall the Flashplayer from Adobe the Adobe website tells me that it comes preinstalled with Chrome and won’t let me download it.

  7. faust1 says:

    what worked for me is simply repairing registry, updating drivers and reinstalling the flash plater:—Learn-Easy-Fix-For-Shockwave-Flash-Crash-in-Your-Internet-Browser&id=3994780

  8. Skipper says:

    Resetting chrome to default settings solved the crashing issue… thanks to this guide:

  9. Ve says:

    Ok… seems that i find by mistake a little solving to the problem with shockwave/flash crashes.  I have the same problem with it. And i have tried any solution possible to make it stop. So by mistake on youtube i’ve read a post in a topic about video crashes. One of the guys said that you can try an alternative to make the videos work. So this is one of them. Go to youtube (or, i guess, to any other site), chose a video –> right click–> Setting—> and disable Hardware Accelerator. 
    For me it worked… but i don’t know for how long. At least i can watch a video. I’ll keep an eye on further crashes… and if the problem remains i’ll resend a comment.

  10. Mayank Agarwal says:

    View d video here…on solving d problem 

  11. Xmsjulesx says:

    heres what i did :

    Ok.. so enter chrome://plugins/ in your browser , in the right corner click details, locate the shockwave plugin listing click disable on all of the ones except the one that looks like this “:C:WINDOWSsystem32MacromedFlashNPSWF32.dllthen completely close your browser, open it back up and try to log into sims that should eliminate some crashes 

  12. John Smith says:

    Well, I had the same problem a few months ago. I cleared all app data and it worked for many. I hope you would try the same.

    The following directory contains app data files:
    C:UsersUSER_NAMEAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser Data

    You have to visit it, clear the “Default” folder so that Chrome will re-create it once again.

    If that doesn’t fix your problem, visit here for moer diagnostic info:

  13. John Smith says:

    The problem is that browser files got corrupt. Application data files need to be deleted and re-created again. Here’s how:

    1. Launch the Run dialog.

    2. Type AppData in it & press ENTER.

    3. Open the following folder:

    ..LocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefault

    4. Delete all contents from it.

    5. Re-launch your browser again.

    For steps to diagnose your problem:

  14. Barbara Patterson says:

    I’ve done everything that was suggested and done it numerous times and still the flash player crashes and now does it every few minutes. this thing is a complete failure. what else is there to do. I wish chrome, facebook and all the game companies would find something better to use. this is a waste of development. they don’t care if it works because it’s free and supposedly if you buy from adobe, then it will work better. the other problem is their people don’t speak english that you can understand. their attitude at adobe sucks.

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