Is your computer completely messed up by a curious software (Windows 7 Restore / Windows 7 Recovery / Ultra Defragger) that got installed somehow and you’re not sure how? yeah, it’s a very frustrating Fake Alert trojan and it’s not easy to remove. This post will include some of the instructions that followed how I faced this Fake Alert trojan and completely removed it, all thanks to wonderful helpful posts on the web by people who ask for nothing in return.


First, take a look at these screenshots, perhaps the software that cause all this resembles these to some extent.

Removing “Windows 7 Restore / Recovery” FakeAlert TrojanRemoving “Windows 7 Restore / Recovery” FakeAlert Trojan

Removing “Windows 7 Restore / Recovery” FakeAlert Trojan

Removing “Windows 7 Restore / Recovery” FakeAlert Trojan


Essentially the steps are (adopted from the terrific Remove Ultra Defragger Uninstall Guide)  :

Ignore all messages from the program.

Goto “Run”, write “” or “iExpore.exe” if you’re running Internet Explorer and press Enter to start your browser.

Download and run RKill : RKill Download Link

Download and run Malwarebytes : Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware Download Link

Scan your computer, remove all the threats.

Download and run Unhide : Unhide.exe

Re-gain ownership over all of your directories. The easiest way to do that would be to use the script provided in this post : Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Win 7 or Vista

Restore your start-up menu, desktop etc. by following these very helpful instructions by Broni : Unhide.exe didn’t work! I used unhide.exe to unhide my files but it didn’t work. which essentially is about downloading SystemLook (32bit, 64bit) and follow these instructions (replace <username> with your username)

The program may have disabled your “recent items’” or “recent programs” options in your start menu, so you might want to follow "How to Turn Recent Programs On or Off in Windows 7

Lastly, it could be that some of your icons disappeared (desktop, office). Repair or reinstall your software for those to come back, or you can try this – “How to Rebuild the Icon Cache in Vista


Restart, make sure it’s all there and back to normal.


Let me know how it all worked out for you.

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