It’s one of those Windows 7 annoyances, and there’s almost no documentation as to what that message really means. As it turns out, it’s related to either using Trillian or Windows 7 Mapping (as in mapping a network drive on your computer so that for example drive X would point to some address on the server or the web). You probably noticed that if you click on the message, nothing happens and the message may reappear, especially after reboot.


Windows 7 mapping

Generally, to remove a mapped drive open your command prompt (start -> run -> cmd) and run the following for drive H :

net use h: /d

change h to whatever drive you mapped.


If you’re not sure which drive you mapped, just run the following

net use /persistent:no


Restart your computer and you’re done.

More on this :


Trillian Astra

Trillian : Your resource is now offline

Another documented reason for this problem could be using Trillian which for some strange reason decided this is how it wants to report a lost connection.

For example:

Trillian : Your resource is now offline

Some people note :

It didn’t used to exist in Trillian 3 and earlier, but Trillian 4 and 5 it’s been there as long as I can remember (though I never took part of early testing for Trillian 4).
Only thing I can suggest is pay more attention to the device listing and verify it’s all your pc, same name and ip. If it’s different, change your password. IF it’s the same, you’re losing your connection to the Trillian servers for some reason.

No documented fix for this, as far as I know. You might wanna disconnect from Trillian Astra, or move to a different client like Digsby.


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