The way that Outlook 2010 handles time-zones makes very little sense. For those moving around a lot, like myself, it’s a disaster. Changing the time-zone in Windows automatically updates the settings for Outlook 2010 and the appointments shift with the difference between the original time-zone and the newly selected one.


Moving Between Time Zones


After looking around for quite a while, it seems there are a couple of awkward solutions.

Here’s from Slipstick’s "Outlook’s Appointments and Time Zones":

Microsoft released a tool that will update appointments when you permanently change time zones. It works with all versions of Outlook. Outlook 2007 includes an earlier version of this tool but Microsoft recommends using downloading the new tool for best results.
Microsoft Office Outlook Tool: Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook

If you prefer to control the time changes yourself, use the following method:

If you create appointments when the computer clock is set for the wrong time zone, or if you move to a new time zone, you can’t change the time zone without messing up the appointment times and all day appointments will span two days. You can export the calendar to a non-Outlook format (Excel or CSV works well), then change the time zone settings and import the items back into Outlook.

  1. Set the computer’s time zone and daylight time settings so the appointment times are correct.
  2. Go to File, Import and Export and follow the wizard to export the calendar to an Excel or CSV format file. Do not export to a PST.
  3. Correct the computer’s time zone and daylight time settings so the time zone is correct for your location.
  4. Create a new calendar folder in your mailbox, if desired, and move the calendar items to it. Otherwise, delete them.
  5. Import the calendar items you exported earlier.
  6. When you are satisfied that the appointments are correct, delete the new calendar folder and all of the old appointments in it.

I personally recommend the first approach as the one that works best for me. When I move between timezones I update all the appointments to the timezone I move to and then change the Windows  timezone setting.

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