Backup your MySQL Databases through FTP : AutoMySQLBackupTo make sure you don’t lose your valuable data, it’s important that you keep current backups of all your data and keep those stored on a different account somewhere else. CPanel/WHM offers an automated backup with most hosting packages, but those backups bundle files with databases and doesn’t give you much control as to which specific databases are backed up.


My setup works like this :

  • I run a dedicated server with Hostforweb.
  • I got an unlimited storage/hosting account with Anhosting. This is my backup account.
  • I run weekly backups through CPanel/WHM from my dedicated server to the backup account. This is easy to setup in Cpanel/WHM.
  • I run daily database backups to the backup account by running AutoMySQLBackup on a daily cron, set to keep the latest 7 days of backups.


That saved my ass a few times in the past.

Make sure you verify the backups once you set things up. Don’t assume things work, check’em.



Be prepared.

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