Use the following code:


Remove right click:

Disable selection of text (place in head):


2 Responses to Disable HTML Right-click, Copy & Paste using Javascript

  1. Bedirhan Teymur says:

    Please dont do this, its just being a fucking asshole to your users…

    • CheshireGrin says:

      A more appropriate response would be “Please don’t steal from web designers, it’s just being a fucking asshole to other human beings.” 😛

      If people would have enough respect for others to not try to steal codes, designs, art, etc, then these codes wouldn’t be so hot in demand in the first place. If web designers could 100% trust that no one would try to take things, they wouldn’t feel so pressed to protect their codes.

      Mind you, I’m not trying to point fingers. From my perspective it seems more like you’re just really irritated by this issue overall. I mean, I get it, it sucks to have to pay the price for other people’s mistakes, right? Why should you, an innocent person, have to be annoyed just because some jackass 2000 miles away decided to steal right?

      But consider this, that functionality has been around since childhood.

      In a large classroom, when 2 or 3 kids cause enough trouble, the whole classroom doesn’t get recess, despite the fact that NOT every student was causing chaos, in fact most of them were compliant.

      In large corporations, gonna use Walmart as an example, NOT every customer tries to get away with a “five finger discount”, but enough of them DO that EVERYONE gets to pay the price.

      It’s just a general way to enforce rules, policies, and structure, but it wouldn’t be needed in the first place if that small percentage of the population would be respectful enough to not cause trouble in the first place.

      If it’s ok for malls and grocery stores to have alarms and detectors to protect themselves from loss by theft, why is it so wrong for designers to do so as well?

      Why is it that a pair of jeans or a small toy are thought of as items to be respected? Because someone put sweat and tears in that item to make their livelihood, to be able to put bread on the table.

      Just because the media of which the product is made of differs, does not change the fact that it is a product created by one person, for the purchase by others, so the creator can make their bones and get by in this world.

      The core issue that should be addressed is for people to STOP STEALING in the first place.

      But since the world will, probably at least, never be such a utopia, one does what they feel is necessary to protect themselves. Whether it be from metal detectors or disable codes.

      This is a common issue in the age of digital art, people are much more keen to respect a physical person or physical items, but when it comes to artists, web designers, graphic designers, etc online, people are so quick to left click and save without a second thought, mirroring how individuals will say terrible things online that they’d never say face to face.

      Ironic considering how the internet and technology are the future, no?

      Yeah it sucks, it sucks on both ends, to both have to be punished for a crime you didn’t commit and also to not be able to freely do your job without SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, wanting to take without paying.

      Until someone can come up with a better alternative, however, these disabling codes are the best way for protection.

      Oh, and before anyone pipes up with “BUT IT’S JUST TEH INTERNETS DON’T PUT IT UP THERE IF YOU DON’T WANT IT STOLEN LOLZ” consider this.

      If you didn’t want someone to steal your car, why did you buy one in the first place? Despite trying to protect it with locks, why did you dare park in your employee parking space if you didn’t want it stolen?

      If you didn’t want to be potentially shot in the face, punched in the nose, hit by a speeding bus, stub your toe, lose your wallet or phone, why did you leave your house this morning, or EVER?

      If you didn’t ever want to get your heart broken why did you ever actually go on even a single date?

      If you didn’t want ANYTHING EVER bad to happen to you EVER why were did you ever bother leaving your bedroom even ONCE after you were born?

      The answer? People don’t go out and do anything on the premise of getting hurt, no one wakes up and takes a deep breath, then exclaims “TODAY IS A GREAT DAY TO GET OUT OF BED AND RISK FALLING DOWN THE STAIRS OR GETTING HIT BY A CAR!”

      Generally we as humans have a basic expectation that other human beings won’t be shitheads, pardon my language, but when they do, that’s when we come up with precaution measures like looking both ways before crossing the street, putting a seat belt on, locking our front door when we leave for work, or, in this case, using disabling codes on our websites.

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