To give yourself a bit more time to correct mistakes when you send out emails, here’s a neat little trick for Outllook 2013 from HBR:

  • Go to the “Home” tab and click on the “Rules” drop down
  • Choose “Manage Rules and Alerts”
  • Under “Email Rules” choose “New Rule” and under “Start from a blank rule” click on “Apply rule on messages I send.” Click “Next,” which will show conditions — you don’t need to choose any of these, just click “Next” again.
  • On the final menu (the “Actions” page), check “Defer delivery by _ minutes” and fill in the blank. I choose two minutes, because it often takes me a minute to realize what I’ve forgotten!
  • Click “Next,” and fill in any exceptions to your new rule.   Then, click “Next,” and “Finish” (Don’t forget this last step, or all your clicks will be for naught.)

(For info on different versions of Outlook go to: and search for “Delay or Schedule Sending Messages.” One caveat: users report that it doesn’t work on Outlook for Macs.)


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